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ISSUE: Sep/Oct 2008

The Master Lock Magnum Self Storage PadlockThe Master Lock

Most self storage break-ins occur by cutting the shackle, prying the lock apart, or breaking the lock with the brute force of hitting it with a hammer. That’s why Master Lock® has designed an innovative lock specifically for use in the self storage industry. The new Master Lock Magnum™ Self Storage Padlock was developed to withstand the weather and security needs of self storage facilities.

The Magnum Self Storage Lock delivers both strength and weather resistance. It’s patented Tough-Cut™ Octagonal shackle is made of Boron–Carbide, which is 50 percent stronger than the typically used hardened steel shackle. The octagonal shape also makes it harder for an intruder to grasp the lock with a bolt cutter. The unique shape of the shackle makes it impossible to pry the lock open. It was also designed to hang loosely in the hasp so that if it was hit, it would move freely and withstand heavy hammer attacks.

The Magnum Self Storage Lock also delivers outstanding weather resistance to withstand the most typical conditions found in outdoor storage facilities. It was designed to deliver the highest ASTM ratings for corrosion resistance, dry contamination, and freeze resistance. It achieves this superior weather resistance with four layers of weather protection: The internal lock mechanism is built with solid brass components and the protective shell of the lock is made of rust-resistant stainless steel. Also, the shackle is protected with a weather seal and the keyway is protected form dirt, grime, and rain with a weather resistant keyway cover. It was even designed to hang horizontally so that water does not collect and freeze inside the lock like other locks not intended for outdoor use.

When it comes to protecting your things in self storage facilities, the Master Lock Magnum self storage padlock delivers the highest levels of weather resistance and security you can buy in a padlock.